My Fashion Plan for 2014

Every new year calls for new resolutions, to learn from your mistakes and fix all the things you did wrong. Not only that, but some things become so dragged out and over popular, especially in terms of fashion that you have to ditch them and move on. So, while a lot of trends are ever green and stick around, there are many fashion trends that fade away, mostly for the best. Personally, I have a lot of fashion resolutions to make in the year 2014 where I will be ditching a few trends and picking on some upcoming and new ones.

My biggest new year fashion resolution is that I will try to embrace more trends, colors and prints! 2014 will be all about embracing new things, experimenting with different styles and being more open towards fashion. The previous year 2013 taught me that if you do not experiment and stick to the safe stuff, it becomes difficult to be extraordinary. Follow your gut feeling by looking around, browsing through latest fashion shows and magazines. Staying away from sheer fabrics was not a good decision, and since it will be picking up in 2014, this is part of my fashion plan for the upcoming year. Obviously will look better in the summers, but sheer fabrics in shirts and skirts are definitely in if you pair it with a little floral something under it.

My fashion plan for 2014 as far as my hair is concerned is to cut it short. No matter what anyone says, I am definitely planning on being experimental and going for a fun looking pixie cut! It is a bit on the wild side, but nonetheless, somewhere in 2014 I will be chopping off those tresses to go for a shorter, sexier hair cut. Shorter hair is a trend that is here to stay because it helps show off your neck and shoulders in off shoulder dresses and low back shirts that are also trendy.

My favorite fashion indulgence is shoes and for that, again I will try to pick up experimental colors and styles that some would consider unsafe. Urban chic ladies shoes are a must-have next season, which includes street style and grungy looking shoes and boots. Leather, chunky boots with buckles and platform heels are definitely on my list. Online stores like Clarks have a lot of womens shoes, and if you are smart enough to browse through it you often find something interesting within reasonable range.

Another resolution I have made for this year is to save money! Yes, being a fashionista and wanting to save money may sound a bit strange but it is quite possible. Instead of spending lots of money on regular and ordinary things, it is better to save and spend on extraordinary and exquisite pieces. Statement shoes, or a gorgeous jacket are worth investing in, instead of buying a lot of reasonably priced item, because in the end you spend the same amount of money. So, while I might not save TOO much money at least I will spend it wisely. Also, you will find so many DIY tutorials online to help you refurbish your old shoes or an old jacket to completely transform it into something new.

These are the major fashion plans for 2014, and the list will keep increasing as the year goes on. For now, I am definitely sticking to these and already feeling quite determined. Hope it inspires you too to have a super trendy 2014!

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