2014 Fashion tips for every Woman

For the year 2014, you will need new items in your wardrobe, because of the latest trends emerging in the runways and on the red carpet. As you surf through the internet for ideas or browse through fashion magazines, you will find a lot of trends and you just can not decide which is best for you. One of the first tips to sorting out your wardrobe and getting a new one is to be organized while shopping. It may sound obsessive compulsive to some people that fashion advice has to be organized but really, it will help you spend less and buy quality stuff.

Tip#1: Stay Organized

When you feel that you need new shoes, accessories or clothes make sure you empty your cupboard and spend a whole Sunday sorting them out. Set out with a plan of giving clothes to charity. In this way, you will be able to hang on to clothes or shoes that you feel are not worth throwing away and those which are need to go. Lightening your wardrobe really helps! Try on clothes that you have not worn in a while, and also shoes so that you know if it still looks trendy or not. Once you have sorted out what needs to go and what you are keeping, make a list of things you need. It does not have to be a specific list, more like 'I need at least 3 more casual shirts, 1 formal pair of shoes...' etc. When you go out shopping, you will have a better idea of what you need and not a bunch of things you want but have a lot of!

Tip#2: Buy Style That Will Last

It is cool to be experimental! However, if you are on a tight budget, do not go all out spending on things that you might wear once or twice and are not even sure if it suits you and your personality. Always invest in clothes, shoes, dresses and bags that will last you. That means you buy high quality and just the things you actually need.

Tip#3 :Accesorize!

So, now that you are not buying too many things, the year 2014 is all about accessories and more accessories. Bright silk scarves, gold hoop earrings, faux diamond studs, embellished metallic collars , the list goes on and one. All of these mentioned above are some of the most trending accessories this year, so basically bright and metallic is what you need to keep a look out for.

Tip#4: Shoes:

Shoes define your outfit! It's as simple as that. Whenever you do not pair the right shoes with your outfit it loses it's true character. Forexample, skinny jeans look great with ladies boots and a maxi skirt is complemented only with sandals or strappy wedges. Whenever you feel that your outfit is not complete, make sure you try on several shoes and study yourself in the mirror. This will help you in deciding how to complete your look and also make you realize how important womens shoes are. In 2014, you will be seeing a lot of metallic and neon color in shoes. Whereas style is concerned, 2014 is all about class and uniqueness which you can achieve through wedges, sandals and boots.

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