Why I love Wedges style shoes

A woman can never have the right amount of shoes! Although it does sound very fancy, the truth is that there are so many different styles of shoes, for every occasion -formal or casual, plus you might want to match or contrast shoes. Some shoes you wear purely for comfort, while others you buy for their latest design. There are a lot of reasons to have a lot of shoes, and one of the shoe styles that I always have in my wardrobe are my wedge style shoes. Again, there are many reasons for a woman to love wedges style shoes, but when I put my mind to it, I came up with a list that could convince anybody to buy more.


First and foremost, I have found wedges to be the most comfortable shoe styles so far! Yes, I hear you say that flats or ballet pumps or even sneakers are the most comfortable. They are. But, along with comfort I also look for style and the fact that I can wear them almost anywhere. They are comfortable to walk in, and give you the height you want while being one of the few shoes that you can wear almost to any event. I can easily walk in the office, go up and down the stairs and even rush to the coffee shop to grab lunch. I can do all that and look fancy too, which is a big plus for me as I like to be and feel dressed up when I am out of the house.


Wedges can be worn to weddings and office alike! That is my favorite part, because they never go out of style. Wedges are never considered to be non-fashionable and have been on the shoe store shelves for more than 40 years now. While high heel shoes have their own aura, wedges give you the height of heels and the style as well. With the heels of wedges, your legs look more shapely and if you find walking in high heels difficult then this is your second best style option. Another major advantage of wedges is that if you have heavy ankles, they can make them appear thinner because of the way they shape your legs.


Wedges style shoes are versatile! They are absolutely gorgeous and look very high end cosmopolitan while giving you comfort. You can buy a fancy pair for weddings, casual one for office and even black ones for funerals! Yes, that is exactly why I have so many wedges in my shoes wardrobe because on days when I have to walk around like in the office, dance on a weekend party or stand and chat at cocktail parties, they are my best companion. Whether it is formal or casual, wedges will always be there to make your day easy. They are versatile and can save you on a rainy day when you just don't know what pair of shoes to wear.

Go with outfits

So, if I'm having a bad day choosing what pair of shoes to wear with which outfit, I close my eyes and pick out a pair of wedges. If you are going for a beach holiday, the strap up wedge heels made from cloth straps that wrap around your legs, sometimes even up to your knees, look very sexy. However, if you are going for a formal office meeting you could opt for the 'barely there' styled black or nude wedges. Not only that but they go with all outfits! They look really hot with maxi skirts, Bohemian style pants, short A-line skirts, flair bell bottom pants and even your formal black knee-length skirt. With the trend of skinny jeans, wedges go really well with them too!

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