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We all want a pair of sparkly high heels to wear on the special New Year's party that will make us the center of attention. For those who have had their eyes on Jimmy Choo or Miu Miu's rhinestone studded shoes but cannot afford to buy them, I have some fabulous ideas on creating designer inspired shoes to make your ordinary looking heels into extraordinary! When I say 'Miu Miu inspired' shoes, I mean to add glitz and glamor to the heels! If you have a pair of stilettos which are pencil thin heels, then it would be difficult to put any stones on it, but the top of the center of the heel is where all the bling will be! However, if you have a pair of block heels, then you can simply paste some good quality diamantes or rhinestones on the heels! For a truly designer inspired pair of shoes, you will need to buy a variety of rhinestones in different size and shapes. I would recommend getting crystal drop shaped, square and tiny drops of rhinestones. Use strong glue that will not smudge too much and will not allow the stones to fall off easily. As you can see in this picture, you have to place each stone carefully with tweezers and in a systematic design. It is better to have a picture of the shoe you like best in front of you so that you know which color and sizes of stones to buy and how to design them properly:

The end product should look something like this:

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This DIY barely takes half an hour or slightly more if you want to be extra careful. You can easily renew your favorite pair of stilettos into a fashionable and good looking shoe without spending a lot of money.

The best part about DIY tutorials is that you can be frugal yet look like you are wearing designer shoes! Have you ever laid your eyes on the immensely amazing glitter covered Jimmy Choos and hated yourself for wandering into the store because you just cannot afford it? So many of us have been there, and you are not alone, and that is why I have come up with a substitute idea to make your worn out shoes look brand new and trendy is by following the glitter-covered shoes DIY tutorial. This is possibly the most cost-effective method of renewing your shoes and also the trendiest. Glittery shoes were trending all over in 2013 and will continue to do so in 2014, as you can see on which had a huge range of highly popular glitter and glitter-effect shoes! So if you are thinking of buying a new shoe, why not customize an old pair of high heels?

Caption: Original Jimmy Choo glitter shoes
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You will need a good glue that you trust to catch all the glitter to plan on sticking on to the shoe. You can use a high heel shoe or even flats for this purpose and of course, the glitter color will depend on your outfit or what you prefer! Multi colored glitter is all the rage, whereas gold and silver are obviously classics so a lot of people would like that. I, personally, like a bit of texture on my shoes, so do not like the fine glitter only on shoes or the chunky glittered shoes, so I would mix chunky glitter with some fine glitter on this DIY. Glitter and glue is all you need, plus an old pair of comfy but worn out shoes! Using a brush, you will need to brush on glue evenly onto the shoe and put the shoe in a tray to catch any excess glitter. This can get a little messy so spread newspaper in the area you plan to revamp your high heels.

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If you feel that the glitter is still falling off, many bloggers recommend that you use hair spray to lock in the glitter and then after that has dried off, buy a can of high gloss spray paint and spray it on to your shoes. Make sure that the sole is covered, because you do not need spray there! This will give the shoe a clean and glossy look as well as sealing in the glitter.

The above two shoes were all about glitter and glamor! Now, if you are not looking for something sparkly this New Year, but rather classic and chic designs, there is a lot you can do. For this DIY, you will need to buy a couple of flowery hair clips, in silk if you are feeling generous, but any material will do! You simply need to take off the clip from behind the clips, and glue them onto your favorite pumps! Here are a few pictures to inspire you:

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You will need to be a bit more careful with materials like silk and satin shoes when you are putting glue on because it can absorb glue! Usually for silk or satin, hot glue gun is used, but even then be careful before using anything on expensive material. I would recommend that if this is your first time revamping a pair of shoes, use patent leather material as that can hold up glue better and use shoes that you will not feel bad throwing away in case something goes wrong! Here's wishing you a Merry Christmas time and a Happy New Year!

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