Top 5 UK Fashion Blogs

Fashion blogs are the way to a woman's heart. Well, honestly, fashion blog help you with so much -from deciding what to wear, what's not in fashion and the fact that someone real is sharing their experiences are among the many reasons why fashion blogs are so close to a woman's heart. There are some blogs that you like because of the way they write, others because the blogger is so regular or someone who always has the best fashion advice to give. Here is a list of my favorite top 5 blogs from United Kingdom that helps me decide what fashion to follow and keeps me entertained on the world of fashion and more.

1. Love Cloth

The blog that tops my list of UK's best blogs is Love Cloth. This was awarded the winner in the 'Best New Fashion Blog' by the Cosmopolitan and there is no doubt that it is one of the many amazing fashion blogs out there. Kim runs this blog with a lot of passion and works to inspire other fashion crazy women in UK and elsewhere. It is a simple and neat blog with lots of amazing pictures, that can really help you out in the fashion department. Not jst clothes and accessories, but Kim also has a lot to say about makeup, trends and even what to gift your guy! Love Cloth is the perfect place to be for giveaways too as there are many exciting things coming your way all the time.

2. Fashion Influx

The next best after Love Cloth, has to be Fashion Influx which was again selected by Cosmopolitan as Highly-Commended! Friendly, to he point and very helpful, Fashion Influx can give you inspiring ideas on what to wear for every season. Run by a 22 year old, Lydia, it is a breath of fresh air as the young woman keeps us updated with regular fashion trends , particularly her Outfit of the Day pictorials which are extremely useful. Not only do you know exactly where to get the outfit from but you also get a clear idea of the prices. Sometimes you see a sweater but do not like it enough. In that case, blogs like these are helpful as when you see someone wearing it you know how amazing it looks!

3. Style Me Curvy

Lots of recommendations, product reviews, photo-shoots, trends, fashion, beauty and what not, Style Me Curvy is a top notch blog to keep you entertained and updated with latest fashion. It is among the most regularly updated blog by UK fashion bloggers. This blog deserves repsect particularly because it does not focus on one body type or size only but it caters to every size! It is not a blog that discriminates women's bodies and their sizes, rather encourages and celebrates the different types of women out there. Louise O'Reilly, who runs this blog works hard to keep up the tradition and reputation of this wonderful fashion blog.

4. Thunder and Threads

A personal, yet a blog that caters to all Thunder and Threads is a blog that is popular among readers across UK and the world. She describes her blog as being "Morticia Addams meets Courtney Love" and it is truly just that. She is cool, funky and down to earth. Her OOTD (Outfit of the Days), Vlogs, and unique style keeps her readers wanting more.

5. What Olivia Did

As the winner of the Best Established Fashion Blog, What Olivia Did is a goldmine of information on fashion, beauty and much more. Those who love high and high street wear, this is a must visit. It also features interviews of some great artists and people along with reviews of trends and products. It has been awarded several blog award sin the past and continues to shine in the world of fashion blogs in UK.