True Confessions of a Shoe-A-Holic!

Yes, I am a Shoe-a-holic and could definitely give competition to many who claim to be. That is not only because I own many pairs of heels, platforms, sneakers and shoes for every occasion but I am constantly in touch with the latest trends. Nobody wants to fall behind in shoe trends and although they do not change all that much, there is always something that is in and a style that is out of trend. There are no amount of shoes and high heels that can satiate the love of a shoe-lover! Indeed, as the season change and leaves change their colors, so do the trends of shoes in a woman's life. The New York Spring 2014 Fashion week gave us a lot of hints on what will be trending in the upcoming year and what all shoe-a-holics should be looking forward to. Thus, for all those women shoe-lovers like me, here is a list of the top shoe trends that we can expect to see in 2014:

Lace-up Heel Sandals were not much of a trend in 2013 when they first started showing up on the runway, but in 2014, you should expect to see a lot of it, so stock up for the upcoming season while you have the chance. Also seen worn by BCBG models on the ramp, lace-up heeled sandals will definitely be a trend to watch out for! Whether you go for the thin strappy laces or the thicker leather straps, everything in between is trendy and what you buy depends on how it looks on your foot plus how it complements your outfit.

Platform Sandals, like the ones worn at the Michael Kors fashion runway are going to be very fashionable in the upcoming year 2014. For the sake of comfort and the height they give, these platform heels are definitely much loved by most shoe designers. Thick block heels are also a type of platform heels which are considered to be the hottest trends especially if they are in a different color than the rest of the shoe.

Cut outs, are shoes that have leather straps cut out to give your feet a funky and super-cool look. For Spring 2014, Phillip Lim's cutout sandals caught a lot of attention by all fashion experts and trend predictors. You can easily find these shoe styles at all high end fashion shops but also at some reasonably priced Internet shoe shop. Since, cut-out dresses are all also gaining popularity. Cutout sandals don't seem to be far away.

Wedge Sneakers, as many thought are not really out of fashion and we should expect to see these all over the place as we saw them on the Spring 2014 fashion week with Tommy Hilfiger's collection. They go with casual outfits and are awesome for people living in colder climates as they keep you warm and trendy at the same time. Not only that but they are super comfortable to walk around in and give you that sexy height you need to wear skinny jeans or jeggings. There is nothing that matches better with jeggings or a street chic mini skirt, than ap air of funky wedge sneakers.