Spotting Celebrities - Who's Wearing What?

From the wildest and most bizarre footwear to some extremely classy shoes, celebrities do plenty of experimentation. In case you have been following the latest trends, pumps and sandals are really in at the moment. They are comfy and look glamorous at the same time, which makes them popular amongst women of all age groups.

You can check out some cool sandals and pumps at a reputable online store such as Garage Shoes, but before that, you should take a look at what type of designs should really be worn these days. However, you have to ensure that whatever you wear should be comfortable and look good on your feat. In case you are a Lady Gaga fan, it is better off not to copy her style, as that might not look good on you and could also be quite uncomfortable as well.

The best footwear is the one that offers you both comfort and style simultaneously. This is why we have focused on some classy sandals that can be worn with beautiful dresses at any occasion to make it special for you. These sandals are also preferred by top celebrities, so you should seriously consider them. In case they look expensive to you, simply opt for the ones that look like them, but are available at affordable prices.

René Caovilla ‘Wishbone’ platform sandals
Who doesn’t know about famous Italian fashion designer, René Caovilla, who has been in this industry for decades? Numerous celebrities have worn his designs at prestigious events and some of the famous ones are Taylor Swift, Nikki Reed, and Jennifer Anniston etc. The former of the three stars was spotted recently at a Dinner held in London, where she wore platform sandals designed by René Caovilla plus a lovely gown. The sandals featured wishbone shaped straps, thus they got their name. Moreover, they included an adjustable slingback and crystals that really looked impressive.

Olcay Gulsen strappy sandals
No matter what type of dress you have put on, the strappy sandals will look cool with it. You can take an example of famous singer, Rihanna, who wore such footwear designed by Olcay Gulsen. They were made of leather with chain-embellished straps. Rihanna, who is a fashion designer herself is fully aware of how to carry herself. She was busy doing concerts all over the world and recently got some time to get back home, where she was spotted with such eye catching sandals.

 Burberry crystal embellished sandals
If you are unaware of Burberry, you might not know anything about fashion at all. They have been dealing in fashion clothing and accessories for ages and are recognised as one of the leading fashion houses worldwide. This is why wearing Burberry designs is quite common amongst celebrities. Although there are numerous sandals designed under this brand, yet the ones worn by Naomie Harris in a recent movie premiere were truly amazing. The highlight of these sandals is the crystal embellished front strap attached to the ankle.

All the above mentioned sandals are available for sale at different outlets. You can get them in different colours depending on what type of dress you are wearing.

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