Cool Pumps – The Choice Of This Fall

Although there is plenty of variety when it comes to women footwear, yet you have to be aware of what suits you more. This is not where it ends, as the next step is to find out whether your chosen boots, sandals or shoes are trendy or will they end up making you look like an old lady. So, the situation is quite a complex one and you really have to be careful while finding the right pair for you.

Since Garage Shoes has been running successfully all over the United Kingdom for the past many years, we always have an eye on what the latest trends are and what type of shoes are being preferred by the celebrities out there. Therefore, we have analysed the current footwear trends and have prepared a list of some cool pumps that can help you get a celebrity-like confidence.

You must be wondering why we have chosen only pumps, as there are numerous other types of shoes, boots and sandals available in the market. However, we have clearly noticed that most of the Hollywood stars have been giving preference to designer pumps this fall compared to other types of footwear. As a result, we have decided to provide you with a few options that can be tried on any occasion.

Ankle Wrap Pumps
You will find a lot of variety in this type of footwear, but there are a few designer pumps that are simple out of this world. Designed by Brian Atwood, the ‘Chance’ pumps are bold and beautiful. They have got class written all over them and there is no doubt that these stand as one of the best designs in footwear this season. Although the Chance pumps are quite simple from toe to heel, they have got a special ankle wrap, which makes them stand out. They are available in different colours with black and white being the sexiest ones. Numerous celebrities have been spotted wearing these pumps, but the one who looked most charming was Jena Malone.

Metallic Pumps
In case you are not comfortable with the ankle wraps, you can try the metallic pumps that are more conventional and simple. They have also been in the spotlight this fall, especially after Zoe Saldana wore a pair from the collection of one of the all time best footwear designers, Christian Louboutin. He has named them ‘Iriza’ and there is no doubt that every woman would love to have a pair of those.

Suede Pumps
As the name suggests, these pumps are made of suede and have got a cool look. Although they can be found in a variety of colours, yet the most dazzling ones are in black. If you are wearing a black gown to a party, try the same coloured suede pumps to make a strong fashion statement. Such pumps were worn by Victoria Beckham in a recent award function. She was seen at the red carpet in a beautiful black dress with Casadei Blade pumps.

Cap-toe Pumps
If you have got plenty of conventional pumps, you can try the cap-toe ones that have got their own uniqueness. They ideally appear good in multi colours like the ones worn by Sophie Turner at a film festival. She was actually wearing the ‘Geotistrap’ pumps designed by none other than Christian Louboutin.

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