I’m a Celebrity is Back!!!

It’s that time of year again… whilst we cosy up on a cold winter’s night, a gathering of washed up celebrities travel the globe in a bid to spend a fortnight living in the jungle.

Every year, there’s someone we love, there’s someone we love to hate & always there’s a celeb whose body we’d die for.

Hard to believe it’s only 12 months since we were graced with the presence of Helen Flanagan kicking, screaming and retching as she attempted to eat maggots, witchetty grubs and all things nice.

Rumours were rife that ITV wanted Helen to return this year for another stab at becoming queen of the jungle. But, this is not to be… Waaaaaa!

Whilst the real contestants are already down under preparing For the start of the show, this week Helen was spotted out and freezing her nuts off in Cheshire.

The former Coronation Street actress was pictured with friends in some suitably long knee high boots - perfect for an Autumnal day near Manchester.

Although Helen was our (unofficial) Queen of the Jungle last year, the lady who ending up winning ironically was Walford’s very own devil incarnate, Charlie Brooks. Charlie, along with the cast of Eastenders have been busy recently helping raise money for Children in Need.

On Friday night, Charlie & her colleagues wow’d everybody as they took to the streets of Albert Square and performed a spectacularly choreographed street dance. It has to be said that her & the ever so gorgeous Gary Lucy stole the show.

Undoubtedly, the person we are looking forward to watching more than anyone on this year’s I’m a Celeb is ‘Oh Shaaaaa Up’, Mr Joey Essex. Ever since the show started in 2010, the glitz and glamour lifestyle of these twenty-something’s has captured our hearts. Let’s point out that none of the show’s characters will win a Nobel Prize any time soon. But, no one can argue the cast of TOWIE are now perceived as leading fashionistas to a nation of fame hungry wannabes.

Our main man, Joey, is far from the sharpest tool in the box. His school-boy looks, perfectly groomed hair and infant’s intellect is what makes him so endearing. Our prediction is that watching Joey living in the jungle is going to be TV gold. I’m just hoping some of the other contestants ask him a selection general knowledge questions. Maybe, like he has done before on Celebrity Juice, Joey will come out with more classic comments such as:
Q: What country border’s Wales? A: London
Q: Who are Richard & Judy? A: Are they the people who created the world?

Whilst Joey is slumming it in the jungle, his sister Frankie, cousin Chole & other members of ‘Team Reem’ will be campaigning for their boy to win the show. The girls were pictured together at the TOWIE end of series bash in their best 80’s attire.
Personally, not feeling the fur style accessories Frankie and Chloe are sporting. However, when all said and done, the evening was an 80’s themed night and those shawls are defo something you could have pictured Kim Wilde wearing back in the day!

On the flip side, totally loving jumpsuit and classic stilettos. We always forget about pointed toe stilettos but they are and always will be a staple item of any girl’s wardrobe.

With an exciting couple of weeks ahead of us in TV land, we’re looking forward to watching the ‘celebs’ crack as the trials and tribulations of jungle life takes its toll on this year’s pampered prima donnas. To coin a phrase from another well know reality show… Who win’s, you decide!


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