Jimmy Choo’s Trendy Footwear For Women

If you are interested in the fashion footwear, you must have heard the name, Jimmy Choo. He is a designer based in London and is known for his eye catching fashion designs for both men and women. Celebrities all over the world love wearing his stylish footwear whenever they go out on parties, movie premieres, award ceremonies or any other similar occasions.

Just like every year, Jimmy Choo comes up with some unique ideas in footwear for women. Keeping in mind the weather conditions and other important factors, he designs few of the best boots, sandals, pumps and other shoes. Although his collection for men is exquisite, yet his special footwear for the opposite gender stands out.

Because of his wonderful contribution to the fashion industry, the Malaysian-Chinese designer has been honoured with numerous awards. As long as he continues developing some brilliant shoes, he will continue getting more honours from all over the world.

Since Garage Shoes has been involved in trendy women footwear for many years, we have also kept an eye on the latest arrivals in this industry. Our team of experts have short listed a few of Jimmy Choo’s ladies footwear that either came out in 2013 or the previous year. You should definitely own these shoes if you can afford them otherwise you can at least look at similar designs in order to appear trendier.

Tamba Boots

These boots from Jimmy Choo’s Fall 2013 collection are absolutely beautiful. They are simple, yet increase your sex appeal. The over-the-knee Tamba Boots are available in stretchable black leather and can be worn with different types of ladies coats. Other than the leather, these shoes feature an ankle strap, almond toe, 110mm heel and a size zip.

Cosmic Pumps

Next in the list are the stylish Cosmic Pumps that feature black suede. These platform pumps have been the choice of many celebrities all over the world. They are also available in black leather and the choice is completely up to you whether what material you would prefer. In case you wish to know about the heel, it is 125mm whereas the shoes also feature a 25mm platform.

Limit Pumps

Since most celebrities prefer wearing pumps during the fall, Jimmy Choo comes up with some exceptional designs every year in this category. One example of the Limit Pumps that the made of leather and feature a cap-toe. The leather used in the manufacturing of these shoes is black and cream. Moreover, there is a 125mm heel and mirrored gold trim as well that make these pumps simply brilliant. They are also from the Fall 2013 collection.

Dart Boots

The Dart Boots are designed in a way that they resemble biker shoes. They have got a classic look and are made of distressed leather in order to give a rough & tough appearance. Other than that, there are a couple of gold buckles along with a 90mm heel. These are perfect for women, who like wearing leather jackets and trousers.

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