Designer Footwear In The Spotlight

It is not a hidden fact that designer pumps and sandals are the choice of every other women celebrity this fall. You must have noticed various television and film artists wearing some of the coolest designer footwear at different ceremonies such as concerts, movie premieres, award functions or some other casual parties.

As a common viewer, it is every lady’s desire to know more about the celebrity footwear, but that is quite a hard thing to do. If you are watching on your television set, it is really difficult to memorise the design of the sandals or pumps your favourite artist is wearing. Sometimes, you only get a glimpse of it and most of the times you don’t get a chance of watching what your idol is wearing.

As a result, it becomes extremely difficult for you to pick up your favourite style and wear it on different occasions. This is where Garage Shoes plays its part by keeping an eye on the trendiest footwear and providing updates to its clients. We have been following some important events and have figured out which designers have been in the spotlight over the past couple of weeks. Different celebrities have preferred their footwear over other designers, so you should also look for the same pairs in order to prepare for your important events.

Jimmy Choo’s Desire Sandals
Who is not aware of the Chinese Malaysian fashion designer, Jimmy Choo? He is based in the United Kingdom now and comes up with some of the most eye catching designs every year in different fashion categories. His footwear designs are quite attractive and fascinate people all over the world. One of his most appealing sandals that came out this year was named, ‘Desire.’ These sandals are made of leather and come in a high heel with a golden ankle strap that resembles a miniature handcuff. You should definitely get a pair in order to make a strong fashion statement amongst your social circle.

Casadei Blade Pumps
When you think of some of the sexiest footwear designs out there, the first name that comes to mind is that of Casadei. The company has been developing some great fashion footwear since the late 1950s and have got some uniqueness about them. One of their most desirable designs this year can be seen in the ‘Blade’ pumps that feature a pointed toe. You can get them in different colours from some quality outlets worldwide.

Metallic Gold Pumps from Chelsea Paris
Amongst some of the new footwear designers, you can rate Chelsea Paris as one of the best. This year, there have been some really cool designs launched under this brand and one of the most interesting one were the ‘Metallic Gold Pumps’ that featured golden leather, island platform, high heel and an almond toe.

Barbara from Michael Kors
Although Michael Kors is known for his sportswear for women, yet he comes up with some quite fascinating footwear designs such as ‘Barbara’ sandals that are a choice of some top class celebrities these days. The sandals feature black leather, an elegant ankle strap and a back zip. You should definitely miss this pair of sandals, especially if you like wearing long dresses like gowns.

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