Christian Louboutin – One Of The Best Footwear Designers

Are you in search of the best designer footwear? If yes, then you should first identify your favorite designer out there, who has been dealing in stylish women footwear for at least more than a decade and is popular worldwide. Although you will find quite a few of such shoe designers, yet only a few will manage to match the credentials of Christian Louboutin.

There is no doubt that designer shoes are expensive, but they are worth buying. However, it is still not appropriate to waste money on footwear designed by any ordinary person. If your budget allows, you should go for the shoes designed by Louboutin, who started this profession when he was only a teenager.

The Frenchman never took his studies seriously and was expelled from school thrice before he finally decided to run away from his home before his teenage. It was clear that he was not like some of the other children of his age, but that did not mean anything negative, as his creative mind demanded him to do something else, which was not common among kids of his age group.

It was not long before the Paris born designer realized what he was capable of, as he started sketching shoes during his teenage days. Despite that, he was unable to truly understand his potential and went onto do a lot of other things related to art. In 1976, he finally got fascinated by women shoes when he visited a museum where he saw a sign restricting women with stilettos to enter the building.

It was not the stilettos that attracted him, but the idea of giving more confidence and freedom to women made him feel that he should start designing shoes. Since he had travelled to different countries and knew different cultures, he managed to come up with some eye catching ideas. From that point onwards, he worked as a freelance designer, but decided it would not give him the right credit for his work in the end.

As a result, Louboutin started his own company in 1991 and started off selling just a couple hundred shoes. This was only the beginning though, as he continued getting stronger with the passage of time and went onto become one of the most successful footwear designers in history. His stylish shoes are worn by celebrities all over the world and he currently sells 700000 pairs per year.

This is not where the creative footwear designer wishes to stop, as his business continues to grow strongly all over the world. Red bottoms have become his signature, so you can identify his designed shoes anywhere quite easily.

Garage Shoes has compiled a list of some awe inspiring Louboutin designed shoes, which are a must for this fall. They are as follows.

• Malabar Hill
• Pate A Chou Pony
• Miss Poppins
• Keny
• So Kate Patent
• Azimut Nappa
• Armurabotta
• Geo Pump Patent
• Gine Patent
• Gine Flat

You can get any of these stylish women shoes from different distributors all over the world and get a true feel of a celebrity.

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