Celebrity Footwear Trends For Spring

Celebrities are always trend setters when it comes to footwear or any other type of fashion, so you have to follow them closely in order to find out what they have been wearing. They do plenty of experiments with their footwear depending on a number of factors such as weather, clothes, nature of the occasion and some other things as well.

In case you have been following some important events over the past many weeks, you must have noticed that most of the celebrities prefer cool footwear designs that came out either in this spring or the previous one. This means that you should also check out the latest spring collection in order to make a fashion statement at different parties or occasions.

However, it is not an easy job for a common woman to decide on the right footwear for the right occasion. Therefore, it is always ideal to get some help from the celebrities, who are never shy of experimenting with new stuff.

In case you are on the lookout for some quality designer shoes, boots and sandals, you don’t need to go anywhere else but to follow Garage Shoes, where you will get all of the latest fashion updates related to your favorite celebrities. Since the aim of Garage Shoes is also to provide its customers with stylish footwear, we have compiled a list that will be quite helpful for you.

Nikki Reed’s pumps

Who would know about fashion more than American film and television actress Nikki Reed? Being a daughter of beautician, she knows how to carry herself at parties and how to look beautiful. She was spotted at the TeenNick HALO Awards recently where she was wearing the Giuseppe Zanotti white pumps. She also wore the same pair on the 11th Annual Lupus LA Hollywood Bag Ladies Luncheon. You should also try such footwear at different occasions in order to look glamorous. If you cannot afford the original designer pumps, you can always look for similar ones from elsewhere.

Elizabeth Banks’ sandals

American actress, director and producer Elizabeth Banks was spotted at the premiere of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire recently in a lovely black dress. The blonde beauty had her feet covered with her long dress, but despite that she did not take her footwear lightly at all. When we got a glimpse of her feet, she was wearing the Alexander McQueen platform sandals, which were made of black leather and also featured marble green color at the top. Above that, the sandal also had a blue leather heel, which made it look extremely beautiful.

Kristen Wiig’s pumps

White pumps seem to be the choice of quite a few celebrities these days, as Kristen Wiig was also seen wearing one pair designed by Christian Louboutin. The American comedian featured at the premiere of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Although the color of her pumps was the same to Nikki Reed, but the design was completely different with a pointed toe and a sleek strap that looked beautiful. You can get the same pair from different famous outlets worldwide or get something similar to them at a reasonable price.

Jennifer Lawrence’s chaos sandals

Another celebrity who was spotted at the premiere of The Hunger Games was Jennifer Lawrence, who was wearing Manolo Blahnik Chaos sandals. The sandals were in metallic gold and featured a thin ankle strap, which brought in a lot of grace.

Looking at all of these celebs, one thing is certain that they mostly prefer pumps and sandals. Therefore, you should also go for the same footwear this spring no matter where you go.

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