High Heels Shoes Fashion Trends

Diamonds could be a girl's best friend, but high heels is her most popular guilty pleasure in which every woman loves to indulge herself. A lot of women like to believe that high heels were not invented for the short women only, rather it is for everyone who wants to feel and look beautiful. Those who have worn a pair of heels successfully will never go anywhere without them, because it lends a sense of femininity to your personality and structure to your posture. So, exactly what is in fashion and trendy amongst the high heels fashion circle in the year 2014?

With high end shoe designers like Christian Louboutin, Alexander McQueen, Jimmy Choo and so on coming up with pencil thin high heels, it is quite obvious that stiletto heels are definitely in! While these high end brands may be too expensive to buy from, you could always buy such high heel shoes from online brands like garage shoes and stay up to date. Although it may appear that these heels are difficult to walk in, a good quality stiletto will never be uncomfortable. Besides, you only wear high heels shoes fashion trends on occasions that do not necessarily call for too much walking around. If you feel that you will never be able to walk in them, then wear them to a party where you are required to sit like a wedding dinner or a sit-down formal dinner.

Fierce and grungy, biker boots are another must-have for the autumn and winter. These are the black leather boots with punk-inspired soft spikes, buckles and studs! They look great with skinny jeans especially if paired with a biker jacket and are perfect for a casual day out at the pub or with friends. You must have a pair of boots for the winter season and what better than to get a pair of grunge boots to stay trendy and fashionable.

Amongst the high heels shoes fashion trends, these punk boots are very highly desirable as they come in pencil heels as well as high platforms and look great either way. Not only will they add height to your posture but also make you look high end fashionable. The high heels femme fatale trend are the ankle straps high heel sandals or pumps. These are just gorgeous and look great on anyone feet. They provide you with a feminine look as well as a minimalistic one which is all the rage in the upcoming seasons. As we have seen on the fashion ramp, staying fashionable on an everyday basis means wearing minimalistic and trendy outfits and these sandals cum pumps fit the bill. Of course, pointed toe pumps or court shoes are another preferred trend so if you are looking to buy a high heel ankle strap sandal then you should look for one that has a pointed toe. Show off the strap by wearing a short skirt or capris!

The above mentioned are some of the most popular trends while there are many other that you can choose from, for example sequins and glitter are still very much in and so are block heels. Among the high heel fashion trends for 2014, you will find block heels really popular as they are more comfortable to walk in as well. Follow the fashion guru's advice and then also give yourself some credit and go for whatever catches your eye! Following your internal fashion instinct is also a very important part of being an independently fashionable woman. Happy Shopping!


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