What to Wear With Maxi Skirts and Dresses

Maxi dresses and skirts remain in and out of fashion, but still there are many women, who always keep them in their wardrobes because they do not require press to declare these outfits “hot” in order to wear the attire. Major reason behind this likeness for maxi skirts and dresses is that the attire gives a soft romantic and relaxed vibe, which not only makes them different from the rest, but also makes them suitable to wear during any season. On top of it, maxi skirts and dresses can be worn with a variety of shoes and tops, so one cannot get bored with them, as they can use them more often than other outfits.
However, to make maxi skirts and dresses look more exciting it is important that ladies should pair them with right shoes because repetition will tie them to just one look, while an inappropriate selection of footwear will completely spoil their image. Therefore, to guide women Garage Shoes, a specialist in providing best ladies shoes, has listed a few tips below that will enable them to avoid wearing wrong pair of shoes with maxi skirts and dresses.

Wedge Sandals

Wedge sandals makes an ideal combination with maxi skirts and dresses because in contrast to long and mid-length skirts the additional length of the outfit helps them to balances extra heft of the heels. It is because of this very trait many female celebrities are often spotted wearing wedge sandals with maxi skirts and dresses.

Flat Sandals

Besides wedge sandals, flat sandals also work well with maxi dresses and skirts. In fact, majority of the women love to wear flats with their maxis. However, if they keep a few things in mind before pairing flat shoes with maxi dresses and skirts, it will enable them to make some awesome combinations. For instance, if the maxi skirt you are planning to wear is simple in shape and has solid color, then opt for sandals that will decide the vibe of your whole attire. Supposedly, if you are after Mediterranean look and your maxi is more fitting than flowing, then sandals with ankle collars and wide bands will be best for you. In case of a fuller casual skirt, you can pick thong sandals with thin straps. It does not matter whether the footwear has delicate beads on it or some sort of embellishments like rhinestone.
High Heels

High heel shoes also look great under maxi skirts. In fact, there are very few high heel shoes that look odd with maxis. So women can wear high heel strappy sandals, wedges, ankle straps, stilettos and more with maxi dresses without any fear. All of them will look fabulous with maxi skirts, unless they are not matching well with the style of the outfit. High heel pumps also look great with maxis, but in general pumps with almond, pointy or peep-toe look more striking under maxis as compared to the ones with round toes.


Espadrille is another valid option for ladies to wear with maxi dresses and skirts, especially for the ones who are looking to a Spanish touch. However, if you do not want to give the impression to onlookers that you are walking in sleepers, then it is best to show some legs with espadrilles. Apart from this, wearer should also try to buy espadrilles, which comes with ties or ankle wraps in order to get a hip look.

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