How to Make Flat Shoes Look Stylish

Generally it is believed that majority of the women prefers to high heel shoes because they work well with most of their dresses as compared to flats or other shoes. However, in reality this perception is nothing more than just a myth because the decision of wearing heels and flats often depends on the height of the woman. Therefore, you may have seen that taller women do not prefer to wear high heel shoes, while shorter women banish flat shoes from their wardrobe. Nevertheless, if a woman wears the right flats with right dress they will look as chic as they appear in high heel shoes, no matter how tall or short she is. On top of it, they will feel more comfortable in flats than heels. 

So give a break to your feet and wear a comfortable pair of flats without worrying about your looks and height, as Garage Shoes offers a wide array of ladies footwear, has listed some amazing tips below that will enable you to keep your fashion-rating high without wearing heels. 

Find Stylish Flat Shoes

The high heel shoes look more luring as compared to flats because they are more dynamic. Therefore, women should find flat shoes in fashionable colours. For the reason that flats with rich textures and lush materials enable them to get that modish look which they cannot imagine achieve without wearing heels. In case, there is a bow, gem or a strap on your flat shoe it will further enhance your overall look. However, one should not try to go over the top with embellishments, as stylish look is better than being quirky. 

Pick Right Pants

Just like any other outfit, women have craze for pants too. However, when it comes to wearing pants with flats then, they must ensure that their trousers should not be too long because dragging a hem of slacks or jeans looks pretty untidy. More importantly by dragging the hem of a pant women will also ruin their slacks or jeans. Therefore, one should slip into long pants only if she is ultra-slim. Otherwise, the best option for women is to wear Capri pants with flat shoes, as this combination was made in heaven. In addition to this, they can also pair pointed-toe flats with their wide-legged pants for hip look

 Short Skirts and Flats

Women, who are conscious about their height, often avoid wearing flat shoes under skirts, as they feel this combination makes them appear shorter. To avoid such a frumpy look women should wear short skirts with flat shoes. In fact, a skirt that is above the knees looks great with flat shoes, as it will make a woman’s legs appear long. Try Ultra-Feminine Flats Women can also complement their dresses by opting for ultra-feminine flats such as the ones with layered shirt to give a "ballerina" look or wrap toes and fleered sleeves. The ultra-feminine flats not only give women a contemporary look, but also make smashing combination with different outfits.

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