Shoes Not To Wear On Your Date

Are you planning to go out on a date? You really need to be prepared for it, especially if it is your first time. Men are not really conscious of their dressing or footwear whenever they go out on a date, but women need special preparation. They have to ensure that they look good from top to bottom otherwise their first date with the man of their dreams could end up being the last.

Normally, it is quite easy to choose a dress for your date and some women believe it is the only thing that matters. Well, this can work in many cases, but you cannot be guaranteed about it completely, as some men notice everything in a woman before making up their mind about the future.

Therefore, it is ideal for a woman to look after her dressing and choose the best footwear, which is appropriate for the date. Of course the choice of shoes depends on what you are wearing, as you have to do proper matching before leaving your place. Moreover, you have to keep in account a few other important things such as latest trends, comfort level, your height etc.

For a woman, life would have been so easy, if only you knew what not to wear for your date. You would have been able to make up your mind pretty quickly and impress the man of your dreams easily.

I am sure that you will find it quite easy to make your decision after going through this list. The footwear mentioned in the list is certainly not out of fashion, but it does not seem appropriate for a date. However, you can wear it at any other occasion, so there is no need to worry about replacing those shoes.

Exaggerated Platforms
Footwear with exaggerated platforms and hooker heels really look nice if you are going out at a party with friends. You must have seen some celebrities wearing these types of shoes, but that does not mean you can wear them on any occasion. If you are going on a date, your aim should be to leave a positive message on the other person and show sophistication. The intense platforms will certainly not be helpful in that situation, so never try them when you are going with the man you wish to marry.

Over-the-knee boots
Once again, you need to keep in mind that the most important thing on a date is to show maturity. In case you opt for the over-the-knee boots, you will end up spoiling the party for yourself. Of course these kinds of boots look highly impressive with miniskirts, but remember that you are not going on a Christmas party or an award ceremony. Moreover, the over-the-knee boots will keep your man’s attention away from you, so it is better not to go with them.

Is your height a problem? Even in that case, wedges would not be ideal for you on a date. You can look at a lot of other options, but certainly not the wedges. They are not that attractive compared to some of the other shoes or boots, so you wouldn’t want to spoil the mood of your man. Sports shoes Some women have a habit of wearing sports shoes, especially sneaker, no matter where they go. However, this is not an ideal choice at all regardless of whether your boyfriend loves playing sports or not. In case you are going to play a tennis match after your date, you can keep an extra pair with you, but try something else for your date.

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