Do Shoes Say Anything About Your Personality?

When you meet a stranger, you judge him through different methods. Sometimes you have to spend a lot of time with the other person in order to find out more about him. Even after that, it is not easy to find out the exact characteristics of that person.

However, there are a few important things that we often ignore while creating any opinion about anyone. If we focus on those tiny details, we will be able to judge the other person rather easily and will not have to waste any time at all. Let’s say you are about to conduct an interview and you don’t know much about the interviewee.

What will you do in that situation? Obviously you don’t have a choice of spending a lot of time with the interviewee, thus you will have to make up your mind pretty quickly. If you manage to find the pros and cons about the other person within 15-20 minutes, you will definitely end up benefitting your company in the longer run.

During the interview, you will be focusing on a lot of things like the academic achievements of the candidate, confidence level and his experience. However, you can learn a lot about the other person by simply looking at the type of shoes she is wearing. This may sound silly, but it actually works and different studies have proved it.

So, how does this work and how can someone tell about your personality through your shoes. Well, the answer to this question is pretty simple. Let’s start with the most basic things. When someone looks at the shoes you are wearing, the first thing he will come to know about you is the gender you belong to. 

Moreover, the types of shoes also describe a lot about your personality. If you are wearing high heels, the other person will conclude that you are conscious about your height. In the opposite case, your shoes will give an impression that you don’t really care about what others say about your height or you are satisfied with how tall you are.

Then, the flat shoes also give an impression that you don’t really like putting pressure on your heels and want things to be more comfortable. Women in particular like wearing heels, but they put their legs under immense pressure, especially when they have to walk or stand continuously without getting any proper rest.

Apart from that, the other person will also be able to judge your fashion sense through the shoes. If you are wearing trendy foot wear, you will definitely give an impression that you have got a very good fashion sense and stay updated about the latest stuff.

On the other hand, the cleanliness of your shoes will also make a massive impact. If you are wearing dirty shoes, the other person will feel that you are quite lazy and don’t even bother doing your own work. Similarly, the shoes tell about your age, social status and a lot of other characteristics. Therefore, be very careful in selecting the right foot wear for you and from the right place like Garage Shoes, Hush Puppies, Clarks, and Envy etc. .

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